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Dr. Neil Phillips

Company Director

Staff Biography

Dr Phillips has been active in archaeology since 1997, completing his 1st degree in 1999, followed by a research PhD in 2004. His PhD focused on earthwork castles (motte & bailey) of the southern March of Wales and involved a considerable amount of survey work; eventually proposing a viable alternative for the dating and interpretation of earthwork castles of the Norman period.

His favoured period is the Palaeolithic, an interest that he has pursued not only in Wales but also Spain, Gibraltar, and Morocco; working for The National History Museum, The National Museum of Wales and Oxford Brookes University.

Over the intervening years, involvement in commercial archaeology has familiarised Dr Phillips with a range of archaeological periods from Mesolithic to WW2, however; the bias, in S Wales at least, tends towards either Roman or Industrial.

Apart from ongoing commercial work, Dr Phillips is at present directing the 2nd decade of a research excavation on a previously unknown phase of Post-medieval charcoal ironworking within the Wye Valley.

With an increase in building recording work, Dr Phillips improved his skills in survey and recording work by adding 3D scanning equipment to APAC. Ltd's array of Total Station, and GPS tools. This allows for 3-dimensional recording to less than 5mm accuracy to be undertaken, also, dramatically reducing on-site survey time and the need for additional visits. In reporting work, the virtual reality records of site or building allow for greater accuracy and provide interactive spacial facilities, allowing better interpretation.

This year Dr Phillips was expelled from the CIFA, where he had been a full member since 2016, for 'bringing the name of archaeology into disrepute'; based on third party testimony presented to the disciplinary panel. Membership is bestowed on an individual, based on experience; annual membership subscription required. Dr Phillips having lost the right to display the MCIFA letters after his name will from now on rely on 24 years of archaeological experience and the discipline related, full research bursary, Doctorate, which he achieved in 2004.

At this current time APAC.Ltd chooses not to accept any new work within the control of the Brecon Beacons National Parks Authority.