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Archaeological Perspectives Analysis Consultancy
Archaeological Perspectives Analysis Consultancy Ltd (A.P.A.C.) are specialist consultants in the field of accurate and efficient archaeological recording. Our staff expertise and client-based approach will ensure that high quality archaeological work can be achieved within a cost effective structure, and with the minimum of delay and disruption to the client.

Whether you‘re a large public body or a private individual, our experienced staff will help you understand the archaeological requirements of an area of land. This prospection work can be critical in advising future development prior to excavation, and may be a requirement of the local Planning Authority.

A.P.A.C. offer a wide range of specialist archaeological services including:

Topographical Survey

Topographical survey is undertaken using a range of laser total stations (EDM) or global positioning systems (GPS).


Geophysics (resistivity) is undertaken by measuring the relative resistance of an electrical current through the soil between mobile probes by comparison to the fixed value given by a set of control probes.

Digital Photogrammetry

Digital photogrammetry is a technique whereby measurements can be taken from a photograph where a known scale is included. Photogrammetry as a technique is not new and has been used for many years. Where Digital Photogrammetry differs is the efficiency of data collection, the nature of the processing plus the quality, and accuracy of the results.

Watching Briefs

Whatever your building plans are, from garage extension to large scale construction you may have to address archaeological conditions set by local planning authorities, county archaeologists or statutory bodies such as Cadw or English Heritage. Such conditions may require that any excavation should be monitored by an archaeologist holding a watching brief, because of the potential discovery of archaeological remains.

Field Evaluations

In accordance with Planning Policy Guidance Note 16 (PPG16), a local authority may require an archaeological evaluation before planning permission can be granted. The planning requirement for a field evaluation is not dependant on size of project and could apply to your garage extension, drainage trench or pipeline.

Desktop Research

If your development is in an area with a potential for archaeological remains it will be a requirement of the local Planning Authority that a desktop research is undertaken at the outset.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a particular project, or if you require further information about any of our specialist archaeological services.

A.P.A.C. are also committed to promoting a wider understanding of the past, and have a firm policy for reporting results through academic publication, community and educational projects, public talks and displays.

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